How to Repair a Broken Central Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Handheld vacuum cleaner with brush and attachments
Damp cloth
Fin comb

A Central air conditioner is a type of unit that supplies to cool air from one source to all the rooms in a home. Despite the fact that homeowners and those who are handy in the home want to do repairs themselves, central air conditioning unit cannot be repaired by anyone other than a professional since these type of units do not have user serviceable parts. A professional should always be consulted when problems occurs since they have the know-how, skills and parts to repair this type of system. Although regular air conditioning units can be repaired by a homeowner you must always remember to consult the owner manual. When your air conditioner develops problem with cooling, sometimes, the remedy would be to clean the filters. Dust can collect in the filter blocking air that goes in and out of your unit. Cleaning the unit can help bring the cool air back if the problem has nothing to do with the cooling mechanism of the air conditioner.

Step 1- Unplug Air Conditioning Unit

Turn off the unit or any unit that is supplied by electricity when you are planning to open it for cleaning. Working on a unit that is connected to a power source can cause electrocution and other fatal accidents. Make sure that the unit is off. If you are unsure, always switch off main power source from the power box.

Step 2 - Remove Air Conditioning Cover

Regular air conditioner covers may be snapped off or unscrewed. Snap it off or unscrew at and set it aside. Remember to keep the screws because you will be needing this later on.

Step 3 - Clean Cover

Using you handheld vacuum and damp cloth, gently clean the main air conditioner cover and removable filter. Run it in water and use a soft cleaning brush to remove dust that has collected on the filter screen. Use the damp cloth to clean visible dirt around the unit. Some filter cannot be cleaned and need to be replaced if it is the disposable type. To ensure that you are getting the correct type of filter, take the old one to your local hardware and let them get you the exact one or an acceptable alternative.

Step 4 - Clean Fan

Clean the fan using your handheld vacuum and an attachment that can access this part.

Step 5 - Know the Problem

Take your manual and check out the troubleshooting page. The only parts a homeowner can remedy are the filter, fan, selector switch, air conditioner power cord, and the coils on the evaporator and condenser. Other damaged parts should be fixed by an air conditioner specialist especially if it is a central air conditioning unit.

Step 6 - Check Power Cord

If power cord is frayed or destroyed, check manual on how to remove this and the broken cord to your hardware and get a replacement one. If you have no idea on how to replace wiring such as this, do not attempt to remove or replace it yourself. This can be very dangerous.

Step 7 - Check Condenser

Check if the problem is the condenser. It this is the case, again, consult the manual and see if you need a replacement one. Like with all the other replaceable parts, take it to your local hardware and get a replacement.

Step 8 - Replace Parts

If everything looks good with your air conditioner,  replace all parts that you have removed and replace parts such as condenser, filter or power cord. Screw back the cover and turn on main power switch.

Step 9 - Test the Unit

Turn on your air conditioner and let it run until the air in your home cools. If everything go