How to Repair a Broken Clothes Line Post

What You'll Need
Wood posts
Finely crushed gravel
Ready mix concrete

One of the cheapest and most efficient ways of drying clothes is to hang them outside on a clothes line pole. Over time, a clothing line post may break and it may be expensive to replace it. The best alternative is to fix it up yourself. Follow the simple steps below to effectively repair your clothes line post.

Step 1: Examine the Problem

Start off by examining what seems to be the problem with the pole in question. It could either be that the wood is deteriorating or that it is not fixed securely to the ground. Other possible problems include that it has started leaning to one side or else the hook to which the clothes lines are attached to is not holding them securely.

Step 2: Check the Cross Bar

Check the cross bar as it may have loosened up a bit. This can cause sagging clothes lines or even make them break away. In such a case, you may need to change it or else nail it more securely to the post. Sometimes you may need to change screws, especially if they were not weather resistant or able to support the constant heavy weight of your wet clothes.

Step 3: Mending the Post

The post may have deteriorated especially if the wood was not very strong. In such a case, you may need to replace it rather than mend it. However, if you see that the problem is simply wood chippings you may just sand it with some sandpaper and paint it so as to make it neater and better resistant.

Apply a weather resistant coating for extra resistance and longevity. Suitable sealers to protect the wood against insects and weather are crucial especially if the wood used for the post was not treated. Additionally, make sure to regularly inspect the pole so as to repair any cracks which might crop up here and there immediately with some weatherproof glue in the gaps.

Step 4: Fixing a Leaning Post

If, on the other hand, the post has started to lean on one side you may need to fix a brace to make it lean upwards and more vertically. Fixing a brace is not difficult. Simply dig around the post, and then drive stakes into the ground at either side of it. Hammer the post to lean onto the brace so as to be fixed more vertically and securely, and then fill the hole with concrete.

Step 5: Precautionary Measures

It is suggested that the upper part of the pole is covered with metallic caps so as to give some protection to the wood from rain, dew and moisture in general. Also, make sure there are no leaves, weeds or other plants in the vicinity of the pole that can cause the wood to rot or damage it from the effects of nearby underlying roots.

Fixing things up yourself is satisfactory and cheap because sometimes seeking for professional help may be expensive.