How to Repair a Broken Futon Headboard

What You'll Need
Duct tape
Wood glue

Futon beds are a great addition to your bedrooms as extra beds but their headboards and frames tend to sag overtime. Futons have a dual function of being a couch and a bed. These beds are often used by college students in dorms and are a great space saver. During the day it can be turned into a couch and in the evening, a bed. The constant transforming from couch to bed will eventually weaken the bed frame and headboard and becomes bothersome. Here is a way to repair your futon headboard.

Step 1 – Check the Damage

Inspect the extent of damage to your futon headboard and frame. Check to see if the slats of you frame have become loose from the main frame. Typically over time from weight placed on the bed, the support system for the bed becomes misaligned and needs to be repositioned.  Some will also tend to end up breaking or already have been broken. Check for these problems. You will also be able to tell from just by looking if the bed might be sagging.

Step 2 – Remove the Mattress

Take the futon mattress from the frame. These mattresses tend to be heavy and some people just intend to work on the bed around the mattress but this will not help you see the bed’s problems clearly. Take out the futon mattress and set it aside. This way you can totally see the whole frame and headboard and easily access all the damages without any hindrances.

Step 3 – Replace Screws

Write down all the missing supporting screws and nuts from the frame to figure out what you might need to repair your bed frame and headboard. Some screws might have worn threading. Get fresh screws to replace them. Depending on what type screws need to be replaced, use an appropriate screwdriver or hammer to replace all of them.

Step 4 - Glue Slats

If the wooden slats are broken, use your wood glue to put it back together. Read the glue’s instruction on how to efficiently put the wooden pieces back. If the wooden slats have not been totally broken apart, you may help support this by putting duct tape around it. Use generously. Duct tapes are tough and if used liberally, can support and help the slats to stay intact.

Step 4 – Put the Mattress Back

As soon as everything has been checked and the bed is no longer wobbly nor saggy, it will be safe to put back the mattress. Test the futon bed once again. Straighten it as a bed and hop on. Jump and feel if it feels right. And then bring it up to its couch position and sit on it. Check again if it’s wobbly or still sagging. Some futon bed frames and headboards can be damaged beyond any repair and no matter what tightening you have done still makes the frame wobbly or unstable, it’s about time to get a new one.