How to Repair a Broken Jacuzzi Air Intake

What You'll Need
Replacement piping
Replacement valve
Ball bearings

The jacuzzi air intake valve can be found at the bottom of the jacuzzi, and will have a very fine mesh screen over the top of it. This air intake valve uses a pump to draw air into the motor, and push it up into the jacuzzi. Water is then pulled in and expelled through the motor, mixing water and air. The first sign that there might be something wrong with your jacuzzi air intake system is leaking from the pipes that form part of the valve. Leaking like this has to be fixed before there is water damage on surrounding wood panels or floors. Fixing a jacuzzi air intake valve can be complicated and difficult, but following a few simple rules should help you to manage the basics without too much trouble.

Step 1 - Finding the Problem

The first thing that needs to be done is to locate the source of the leak. Sometimes a pipe may have come loose, or the valve itself might be cracked. Either of these problems can easily be traced to the source. Run the jacuzzi, and look for the area in which the drip is occurring, and then drain your tub, and remove the screws which hold the air intake mesh screen in place. Search around the area where the drip originated until you locate the problem.

Step 2 - Remove the Piping

Underneath the mesh screen you should be able to locate a series of small plastic pipes. These pipes are the system which carries air and water to and from the jacuzzi, and if they are split, or loose from their connections, then that is the cause of the leak. If you locate a leak in one of the pipes, then the best thing to do is to replace it completely. Do this by taking the old piece of piping off of the connections, and inserting a fresh piece, which can be bought from your jacuzzi manufacturer.

Step 3 - Replacing the Ball Bearings

Your pipe system should also include a number of ball bearings which should also be replaced. These can become damaged through wear-and-tear, or can even escape from the jet and end up in the pool. You can replace these by simply removing any loose ball bearings, and inserting new ones in their place. Don't worry about oiling or lubricating them, as they should have enough liquid in the water.

Step 4 - Replace the Valve

If you have tried all your other options with no success, then your only alternative might be to completely replace the valve. A replacement can be bought from your jacuzzi supplier, or the maker of the model itself. Unscrew the valve from its location, and remove completely from the system, unhooking any pipes and the motor. Insert the new one in, making sure that it is the right way up, and then attach the pipes and the motor system which you removed from the old one. Screw the fine mesh cover back on, and then try starting up the jacuzzi to check that it is all working correctly.