How to Repair a Broken Lawn Edger

What You'll Need
Screwdriver set
Adjustable wrench
Sharpening file
Replacement string or blade (depending on the type of lawn edger that you own)
Replacement Spark plugs, oil and gas filters and other replacement parts for electric or gas engines
Safety glasses

A lawn edger is a very convenient tool that makes edging along sidewalks or walkways in your yard much easier. A lawn edger can create a flat, clean edge up against the sidewalk or walkway to make your lawn appear more attractive and look like it was professionally done. However, when your edger is not working the way it should, you can save a lot of time and money by making simple repairs yourself. Therefore, use this how-to guide to learn how to make common repairs on a defective lawn edger.

Step 1 - Disconnect Power (Electrical Lawn Edgers Only)

If your lawn edger uses electricity to power the unit, make sure that you disconnect the power cord from an outlet before attempting to repair it.

Step 2 - Remove Gas Tank (Gasoline Powered Units Only)

If you use a gas powered lawn edger, use a screwdriver to remove the tank if possible. If you can't remove the gas tank on your lawn edger, drain the gas out of the tank into a plastic container. This will make it easier to work on your edger and avoid spills.

Step 3 - Inspect Cutting Blade or Line

Some lawn edgers use a metal cutting blade, while others use a plastic string-like line such as those used on weed eaters. Inspect the blade or line and make sure that it is not physically damaged. If the line spool blade on the edger is damaged, replacing the faulty part may correct your problem.

Step 4 - Sharpen Blade or Replace Line

Use a sharpening file to file the sharp edges of the edger blade so that they cut more effectively. If your edger uses a plastic wire, replace the spool with a new one.

Step 5 - Inspect Rotor or Line Feeding Mechanism

If the blade or cutting wire is not rotating or spinning the way it should, check the rotor or line-feeding mechanism on the edger. Make sure that the parts are adequately lubricated and that they spin freely. If the blade or linefeed mechanism is defective, you will probably need to take the unit in for repair at a service center.

Step 6 - Check Fuel Line on Gas Powered Units

On gas powered lawn edgers remove the plastic fuel line and blow it out. Sometimes, dirt gets clogged in the fuel line that can keep gasoline from flowing from the tank to the motor of the machine.

Step 7 - Check Spark Plug

If your gasoline powered lawn edger will not start, try replacing the spark plugs with a new one. If you don't have a new spark plug, try sanding between the tip and arc point on the spark plug to clean the connection. Then try starting the edger again.

Step 8 - Check for Loose Wiring

On electric lawn edgers, always check for any loose wiring connections. If the base of the unit has a small access panel, remove it and check for wiring connections that may have become loose. If there are those connections, use wire caps or electrical tape to secure them.