How to Repair a Broken or Cut Combination Padlock Shackle

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Small electrical drill
WD-40 lubricant
Extra screws
Bolt cutters
Spare shackle

A combination padlock is a type of lock that can be put on or removed from doors, windows, and any other place where we want to keep our items secure. For centuries, padlocks have been used to protect what we do not want to be stolen. While earlier there was a trend to construct large, heavy, and expensive locks, today padlocks have become much sleeker and easier to handle. There are essentially two parts to the padlock: a shackle that can be locked and unlocked, and the locking mechanism that controls the shackle and secures it. Furthermore, combination padlocks are available in two types: simple combination padlocks and Sesamee combination padlocks. Here’s how you can repair a broken or a cut combination padlock shackle.

Step 1 – Identifying the Problem

Examine the shackle and see how badly it is damaged. If the shackle has been cut out completely in an attempt to pick the lock, the shackle will have to be completely removed and a new one will have to be installed in its place. If the shackle, however, is not completely ruined, then you may be able to clean, oil and use it again. Regardless, the integrity of the lock may be compromised by using a weak shackle, and therefore, it is recommended that the shackle be changed completely.

Step 2 – Dissembling the Lock

Most of the combination locks require a lot of time and patience to be dissembled. Expensive locks take a longer time because the material is thicker and the mechanisms are sounder. The first thing is to remove the lock using bolt cutters. Once you have removed the lock, you can pry open the two sides to open up the body of the lock and reveal the locking mechanism.

Step 3 – Removing the Shackle

Inside the lock, you will be able to see wheels or tumblers. These wheels are connected to the combination levers on the body of the lock. Make sure you do not disturb the mechanisms or you will end up ruining the lock altogether.

Carefully align the wheels in the correct combination so that the locking pawl and the locking dog are free of each other. Once you are able to give the correct unlocking mechanism, the shackle will snap open. If the shackle is broken, or has been cut, you can now remove the broken or cut parts from the lock. Gently free the shackle from the tumbler gate and remove it completely.

Step 4 – Installing the New Shackle

After you have removed the broken shackle, reinsert the new one into the tumbler gate. Line up the shackle in such a manner that the groove on the shackle is aligned properly with the locking dog. Using the wire brush and WD 40 lubricant, clean and oil the insides of the lock so that none of the debris remains inside. Now carefully put the removed side back onto the lock and drill small holes to insert screws and screw it back on.