How to Repair a Broken Pipe Flange on a Toilet

a bathroom full of tools and toilet repair
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
Pipe flange repair kit
What You'll Need
Pipe flange repair kit

A pipe flange is found under the toilet. It connects the sewer and the toilet. It also helps to secure the toilet to the floor. The toilet is bolted to the pipe flange. Seals are applied to prevent any possible leaks. If you find leaks in your toilet grab a repair kit and address the problem by repairing the pipe flange immediately.

Step 1 - Hygiene and Safety Precautions

The toilet might not be one of the pleasant surroundings to work in, hence follow a few hygiene and safety precautions. Wear rubber gloves and protect your clothes by wearing rubber overalls. Also work boots are a must.

Step 2 - Prep Work

pink tile behind a toilet

Before you start with fixing the pipe flange make sure you cut the water supply. Turn off the pipe that supplies water into the toilet.

Step 3 - Toilet

After cutting the water supply, wait for a couple of minute. Now flush the toilet tank. This will rid the toilet of any water.

Step 4 - Remove the Toilet Bowl

In this step, you need to remove the toilet bowl from its position. For this, locate the screws that hold it down. Unscrew them with your hands or wrench depending on the kind of screw. Set it aside somewhere padded and out of the way.

Step 5 - Pipe Flange

As soon as you lift the toilet you will be able to spot the problem area. The pipe flange will show evident signs of damage. This protective ring might have developed a crack. The cracks might appear around the anchoring bolts.

Step 6 - Clean

removing the wax ring from the bottom of a toilet

While installing the pipe flange and the toilet bowl a seal is applied to prevent leaks from occurring. In this step you will have to scrape out the residue of the seal. You will have to scrape the wax and residue out from the toilet's bottom rim as well.

Step 7 - Repair Kit

Examine the repair kit. You will find a semi-circular or a circular flange. Also get hold of galvanized screws with wide heads.

Step 8 - Position the Flange

Coat the bottom of the repair kit flange with silicone. Carefully place and align the new flange on top of the old one. Introduce the screws though the holes that at this point are aligned.

Step 9 - Screw

After having placed the flange pipe screw it in properly. It should fit snugly with the floor. Apply a silicone bead to the inner portion of the repair kit flange.

Step 10 - Wax Rings

After screwing in the flange pipe place the wax rings. The wax rings should be in good condition and should be placed right onto the flange pipe.

Step 11 - Place the Toilet

Now lift the toilet and bring it closer to the flange pipe. Place the toilet in position and use the bolts or screws that were removed in Step 4 to secure the toilet to the floor.

Step 12 - Test

The final step in repairing the pipe flange is to turn the water supply on. Let the tank fill up. Now flush the toilet and observe to see if there are any leaks. If you do not find any leaks then it is an indication that the repair was successful.