How to Repair a Broken Storm Door Handle

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  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-2
What You'll Need
Phillips screwdriver
Foot rule
File and sander
Stainless-steel rod

A storm door handle is the part of a storm door that easily gets damaged because it is the part that usually gets in contact with human hands. Especially when the storm door handle is made of plastic or glass, it is definitely not immune to damage. Although the damage can be repaired by taping the broken pieces together, it is not the most effective method. Here is a guide on how to repair a broken storm door handle.

Remove the Door Handle

To be able to work with the door handle with ease, remove it from the storm door first. Inspect how the handle was installed on the door in the first place. Use a screwdriver to remove the handle from its spot. Sometimes, it may be difficult to remove rusted or overly tightened screws. If so, make use of a lubricant or penetrating oil. Allow the lubricant to loosen the threads on the handle for a night before removing it.

Glue the Broken Pieces

Sometimes, a strong glue for plastic or glass can repair the damage. Take the pieces together and apply a sufficient amount of glue. Put the pieces back together and clean any glue that oozes out. Allow the glue to dry. If this does not solve the problem, especially if the handle is made of metal, it is best to replace the damaged rod with a new one.

Measure the Diameter of the Handle

If the rod on the handle cannot be fixed by simply gluing the broken pieces together, measure the diameter of the rod that fits into the door handle set or bring the handle to a home improvement store. Purchase a stainless steel rod that matches the diameter of the broken piece. A stainless steel rod is the best replacement because it lasts longer than other types of materials. There is no need to purchase a whole set if the rod is the only part damaged. This will also save you some cash, but it may take several visits to different supply stores to find an exact match, so be patient.

Measure and Cut the Rod

Measure the original door handle rod and use it as a guide when cutting the stainless steel rod. Use a foot ruler to ensure that the measurements are correct. Use a grip to hold the rod in place and cut it with a hacksaw. Have the rod cut in a metal workshop if needed.

Smooth the Rough Edges

Use a file to smooth the rough edges on the stainless steel. The file can also be used to create rounded edges on the rod. Sand the surfaces as well.

Fit the Rod into the Door Handle

After carefully cutting and smoothing out the edges of the rod, fit it into the door handle and reinstall it back to the storm door.