How to Repair a Carport Canopy

What You'll Need
Power screwdriver
Spreader bar
Galvanized steel screws
Replacement canopy pieces (wood or metal)
Small pry par

When you have a carport canopy that is not doing its job then the entire point of the structure is wasted. A carport canopy can sag but it can also get holes in it or be completely removed. The article below will share with some possible repair scenarios and a way to repair the carport canopy that is in disarray.

Step 1 – Asses the Trouble

A carport is built as a square and this means that every support has to be level. If the supports are not level the carport canopy can sag or appear to sag. Use the level against each support, both vertical and horizontal, to determine areas of interest. Inspect the structure for rust as well as rot and any boards that may need replacement on the carport canopy. These can also be metal depending on your specific carport. Knowing what is wrong leads to the proper way to fix it.

Step 2 – Uneven Supports

If the canopy is sagging then most likely it is the cause of the supports. If the supports tilt to any side other than straight up the carport canopy will appear uneven. You will need to climb the ladder and tie one end of the rope around each support. You will need four ropes in order to properly tether the carport. Pull one of the ropes taught. The leverage will allow you to move the carport. It is a good idea to have two friends handy. Have one friend on another rope next to you and the second friend using a level to alert you to when the supports are straight. Once they are straight tie the end of the rope you are holding to a metal stake that has a loop at the top and then use the mallet to hammer them into the ground. Repeat with the other two ropes on the other side.

Step 3 – Sagging Canopy

If your carport canopy is fabric than a spreaders bar will help you keep it from sagging in the center. This device can be purchased anywhere they sell carports. Each spreader bar is installed differently so consult the instructions that are with the one you bought. It is placed between the top of the frame and the canopy. You then crank it in order to expand the spreader bar. This will fill the space of the carport canopy effectively pushing it up as well as supporting it.

Step 4 – Rigid Canopy Repair

If your carport canopy is metal or wood and is in need of repair it can be done. Remove the damaged sections by either using the screwdriver (for metal and some wood) or the pry bar. Once the section is remove; replace it with the new piece and either screw or hammer it in place. You can also patch a hole in the same manner using smaller pieces screwed or nailed to the surrounding good areas.