How to Repair a Casement Window Crank Assembly

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Liquid Soap
Paper Towels

If you have an old casement window crank in your home, then you may discover that it gets very stiff at certain times of year. In order to ensure that you can easily turn the crank in your window, you will have to perform a repair. This is not too difficult, and can easily be done in a spare hour or two.

Step 1 - Remove the Crank

You will first need to remove the casement window crank arm from its surroundings. Do this by opening the window as far as possible, and then taking out the arm. If the crank is very difficult, then you may need to unscrew the crank gear, and take the arm out this way.

Step 2 - Clean Everything

Most often, the problems with casement window cranks are due to dirt and debris getting stuck in the gears. Check for signs of rust, and remove this using a wire brush. You can then clean the crank gears using a small toothbrush with liquid soap. Clean off the arm as well. Check the hinges of the window, and clean them too.

Step 3 - Add Lubrication

A casement window crank can be stuck due to problems with lubrication. Add lubricant to get rid of the problem.