How to Repair a Cast Iron Toilet Flange

What You'll Need
Crescent Wrench
Shop Vacuum/Wash Cloth
Putty Knife
Wax Rings
Old toothbrush
Closet Bolt
Spanner Flange
Kitchen Cleaner

It is easy to repair a toilet flange that is made of cast iron. Follow the simple steps below to effectively fix your toilet flange.

Step 1: Prepare the Toilet Tank

Use pliers to shut off the main water valve of your toilet. Remove all the excess water using a shop vacuum. Unscrew the cap covers, and use the crescent wrench to remove the bolt nuts. Pull the toilet flange off its base and set aside.

Step 2: Clean the Flange

Clean the cast iron flange using a toothbrush dipped on a solution of kitchen cleaner and water. Use a a putty knife to remove any plumber’s putty as well. Check the flange for any broker pieces and remove accordingly.

Step 3: Spanner Flange Assembly

Insert a closet bolt into the hole located at the center of the spanner flange. Secure by adding a bolt washer. Insert the spanner flange assembly into the toilet flange with the new closet bolt aligned with the original closet bolt.

Step 4: Finish Up

Adjust the toilet shims accordingly. Turn on the main water valve. Try flushing the toilet while checking if there are any leaks.