How to Repair a Cement Patio

What You'll Need
Acid-base cleaning agent
Tubes of epoxy
A caulk gun
Concrete or mortar mix
Mortar trowel
Heavy-duty scrub brush

Every now and then, a cement patio will crack and need repaired. Here is a how-to guide on repairing your cracked cement patio.

Step 1 - Determine the Severity of the Crack

The severity and size of the crack in your cement patio will determine what type of repair you need to make. Furthermore, depending on the size of the crack you may need to use a different type of material to fill it in. Generally, cracked cement patios suffer from two types of cracks: a hairline crack and a larger sized crack. Obviously, hairline cracks are very narrow and usually not very deep, while larger cracks will generally be deeper and wider in size.

Step 2 - Choose Your Materials

If the cracks in your cement patio are hairline size only, use epoxy fillers to fill the crack and help secure the damaged parts of the concrete slab. For larger cracks, you'll probably want to use a concrete or mortar mix. If the slab is completely broken and chunks are missing, then you'll probably want to use some sort of concrete that also is mixed with gravel or other aggregate.

Step 3 - Clean the Area to be Repaired

Before you attempt to repair the cracked area, you must ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned. Brush away any loose dirt, concrete, grout or any other debris that may hinder the process of the repair. Next, use your acid-base cleanser to thoroughly clean the areas to be repaired. After you've prepared the area with the acid-base cleanser, thoroughly rinse it and make sure that no cleanser remains on the concrete slab.

Step 4 – Using the Filling Mixture

Use either your epoxy filler or concrete/ mortar mixture to fill the cracked or damaged area. Make sure that you force the substance into the crack so that it penetrates to the bottom of the slab and will adequately bond to the existing concrete.  Continue applying the mixture until you sure are that are no air bubbles or gaps in the mixture and that the mixture completely fills the crack or gap.

Step 5- Finishing Up

If you're using an epoxy filler you will not need to finish the surface concrete. However, if you're using sand and cement mix or mortar mixture, you'll need to use a piece of wood or a trowel to smooth out the surface of the repaired area. After you have finished the repair, use a spray bottle to wet the area once a day for about five days to a week, and then use a metal trowel to smooth it out. This will help create a flat surface and increase the bond between the mixture and the existing concrete slab.