How to Repair a Chest Freezer that Runs Continuously

What You'll Need
Light Switch

If you have a chest freezer that runs continuously, you will have to look a little deeper into solving the problem. Chest freezers work in cycles. If your appliance doesn't turn off, you could run the risk of it malfunctioning altogether. Follow these easy steps to repair your chest freezer if it is running continuously.

Step 1 - Test the Circulating Fan

First, check the fan that helps circulate cool air around the freezer. Sometimes, the fan can malfunction and this can lead to constant loud noises. If your freezer doesn't seem to stop making unusual noises, the circulating fan could well be the problem.

To test the circulating fan, open the chest freezer and hold down the switch that is normally depressed by the door. If the noise gets louder than when door is open, you will know the fan motor is faulty. Unfortunately, you cannot repair these motors and you will have to call a professional to replace it.

Step 2 - Inspect the Door and Light Switch

The temperature inside your chest freezer may be high, resulting in it needing to cool itself constantly because the internal light is not shutting off when the door is closed. First, look at the door and make sure that when it is shut, it is properly depressing the light switch. If the door or its hinges are damaged, you may have to re-hang the door so that it depresses the switch and shuts off the light.

If the door seems fine, you may need to replace your light switch. Simply pry the old switch away from the side of the freezer and disconnect the wires before connecting your new switch to finish the installation.

Step 3 - Check the Thermostat

If the thermostat is broken, it will constantly think that it needs to cool the chest freezer even though it does not. To inspect the thermostat, remove the side access panel using your screwdriver. The thermostat is attached to the side of the freezer by two screws and a long tube. Do not remove the tube from the thermostat but free the unit from the freezer wall. Next, set your multi-tester to the range scale on R x 1 to test for continuity.

If the connection is complete, everything should be working fine. If the connection is open, this means the thermostat is broken. When the thermostat is off, your multi-tester should read no continuity but when the thermostat is on, the tester should read continuity. If the tester does not read continuity, you will have to install a new thermostat.

Step 4 - Replacing the Thermostat

First, unplug the chest freezer from the wall and remove the tube from the faulty thermostat housing. Take your new thermostat and connect the tube to it in the same place where you removed the tube from the original part. Screw the new thermostat into place and test out the new unit. Make sure that the tube that connects the thermostat with the chest freezer is straight and not knotted, kinked or coiled. This will prevent the thermostat from working properly.