How to Repair a Chip in a Ceramic Shower Tray

What You'll Need
Small trowel or spatula for applying the resin/epoxy
Latex gloves
Cleaning solvent to clean the repair surface (often rubbing alcohol will suffice)
Small amout of gloss enamel paint for touching up the repaired area
Repair epoxy and resin used for ceramic repair.

After hearing a crash in the bathroom you notice that something has fallen and now you have to repair a chip in the ceramic shower tray. Repairing the chip isn't as difficult is it may appear. There are several products that are available at local hardware stores at reasonable prices. They usually come with a complete set of required tools, epoxies, and resins.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area

Clean the area to be repaired with the cleaning solvent of choice.

Step 2 - Mix and Apply the Epoxy

After mixing the resin and epoxy as per the directions, use the trowel or spatula to apply mixture to the chipped area using only the amount needed. Do not over fill the area.

Step 3 - Dry and Apply Finish

Allow enough time for drying as indicated on packaging. After the repaired area is finished drying, apply the chosen finishing color and covering to make sure it is sealed and water proofed.


Often the chip is very small and can be covered with something as simple as an appropriately colored finger nail polish. These are usually water proof and only a few coats will be required. Another option is kitchen appliance enamel paint. Use the same preparations as for the epoxy fix.