How to Repair a Chipped Granite Bullnose Trim How to Repair a Chipped Granite Bullnose Trim

What You'll Need
Mechanical grinder/polisher
Bullnose shaping diamond wheel blade
Diamond grinding and polishing discs in 50 grit to 3,500 grit
Ventilator mask and sealed eye goggles

Granite bullnose trim is a beautiful finish built to last for your countertops. The quartz and other crystalline structures that make it up create a durable but also malleable structure. Unfortunately, being able to form it to your will means that it occasionally chips. However, it is a simple matter of borrowing or buying the proper grinders and having a healthy sense of caution and a good eye to smooth out the chips.

Step 1 - Grind it Out

With the mechanical grinder, pass over the chipped trim evenly. This will take less than a dozen passes to work out the chips. Make sure that grinding them out still leaves the rest of the surface even.

Step 2 - Diamond Grinding Discs

Switch to these discs in order to refine what you have just done. Lower grits will be more useful for simply grinding out chipped spots in the granite.

Step 3 - Polishing

Polish with polishing discs, between 600 and 1,500 grit. Use the finer (i.e. higher) grit polishing discs to achieve a refined, clean look to finish off your work. When finished, wipe down surrounding surfaces with a wet cloth.

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