How to Repair a Composite Deck

What You'll Need
Pry Bar
Screw Gun
Tape Measure
Circular Saw
Composite Deck Boards
Paint Brush

A composite deck repair is no different then any other type of deck repair. If you have a deck that is made from composites, the best way to repair any damaged pieces is to replace them with matching composite pieces. This includes the deck boards and joists that make up the deck for your patio. Each of these parts to your composite deck should be inspected on a periodic basis in order to make sure that they have not given way due to wear and tear that is normal for a deck of any type.

This process is simple to accomplish and requires the following tools, materials and steps in order to complete.

Step 1: Remove Composite Deck Boards

You should use a pry bar to remove the nails and screws that hold the deck boards in place. You will need to inspect each of the deck boards in order to see of they are damaged and in need of repair or replacement. If the composite deck boards are damaged in anyway or appear to be in need of replacement, toss them away in exchange for new composite deck boards that are similar in style. Dispose of any damaged composite deck boards in a manner that is environmentally safe and friendly, in accordance with the disposal standards of your community.

Step 2: Replace the Deck’s Joists

The joists which are the cross beams that hold the deck boards in place should be examined for any damage or repair that may be required. The joists should be secured solidly to the deck’s frame and not squeak or move in anyway. If you have a joist that is loose or needs to be re-secured, reposition the joist in its joist hanger. Replace any damaged joists with newer composite joists that should also be able to be easily installed into the deck and the joist hangers. 

Step 3: Reinforce Deck Posts

Use a level to check the deck posts for your composite wood deck. Make sure that each deck post is set correctly and is level. If necessary, reset any deck posts that are not set correctly into place and make sure that its new placement falls in line with the other posts of the composite deck.

Step 4: Replace Damaged Composite Deck Boards

The damaged composite deck boards that you uncovered during your inspection should be replaced with new boards that you purchased from a home improvement center or lumber yard that sells composite materials. Set the replacement composite deck boards in place in the same manner as the old boards that were taken up during the inspection process.

This will complete the process of repairing your damaged composite deck. It may be a good idea to have extra composite deck boards available in the even a further repair is needed.