How to Repair a Concrete Porch Stair Tread

Concrete is one of the most popular materials for using to build a porch stair, mostly due to its cost effectiveness and high durability. However, despite it's high durability, you sometimes may need to repair or rebuild the concrete stair tread. Since the porch stairs are probably the most highly trodden parts of a house, they are open to more wear and tear than just about anything else. Concrete porch stairs can also be damaged by sudden temperature changes and frozen puddles of moisture. Repairing a concrete porch is likely to be significantly cheaper if you do it yourself following these simple steps.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Vinyl concrete repair tube
  • Wire brush
  • Bristle brush
  • Rags
  • Epoxy sealant
  • Trowel
  • Epoxy repair mortar

Step 1 – Repairing Small Cracks

Repairing small cracks in concrete porch steps is not overly complicated, especially if the cracks are less than 1/2 inch wide. What you will need is a tube of special vinyl concrete patching material. Before repairing, the concrete must be completely dry. Any loose pieces of concrete should also be removed from the area.

To patch up the cracks, apply the vinyl concrete repair solution as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions. Follow the drying time recommendations before using the porch. The solution will need to be applied in various layers and allowed time to dry between each application. After each layer has been applied, wipe away any excess with a dry rag.

Step 2 – Repairing Large Cracks and Holes

If a concrete porch is poorly maintained and small cracks in the steps are left to get larger, repairs quickly get more complicated and more expensive. To complete these types of repairs, a single tube of the concrete repair solution used in the previous step will typically not be enough.

To repair this, you can use a dry mix to fill the bulk of the hole, or you can go for a more durable and slightly more expensive solution involving ready-mixed concrete patching material. Carry out the repairs in much the same way as described in the previous step and be sure to use epoxy sealant to seal the repaired area afterwards.

Step 3 – Repairing Worn Concrete

Due to general wear and tear and years of traffic, the treads of your porch steps will eventually become worn down and heavily indented in the middle.  At this point, they can become slippery and hazardous. To remedy this, you can either reseal the concrete, patch it up in a similar manner as described in the previous steps or use epoxy repair mortar.

Epoxy repair mortar is by far the best way to repair worn concrete as it is actually even stronger than the original concrete. It does not shrink during drying either, provided you buy a suitable type designed for the job. Epoxy mortar should be applied over the affected area using a trowel as directed by the manufacturer’s instructions.