How to Repair a Concrete Slab: Chips and Holes

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Dish washing detergent
Latex cement
Bonding adhesive
Mixing container
Paint Roller

You always want to repair a concrete slab before the chip or hole becomes worse. Concrete can last a long time, but only if it is in good repair. The longer you wait to fix a repair, the bigger the hole can get and the more the slab degrades. This task can seem difficult, but with a bit of practice it will quickly become an easy part of your repair routine.

Step 1 - Cleaning the Chip or Hole in the Concrete Slab

First clean the hole in the concrete slab. Make sure to get rid of all dirt and grime. Sometimes concrete chips remain in the hole. You will want to get rid of these as well and wipe the area clean. Next, with a detergent and a scrub brush, clean the concrete. A wire brush is ideal in case the hole or chip is really deep. With the wire brush you want to clean out the hole.

Step 2 - Removing Oil Stains

Use a degreaser to get rid of any oil stains. The stains can actually prevent any bonding you plan to do from occurring. Make sure the completely clean the area, remove any leftover water and let the hole dry. When oil hardens, the particles are still there and those particles can interfere with proper bonding.

Step 3 - Undercutting

With a hammer and chisel you want to cut the bottom and sides of the hole as flat as possible. To do so, you will need to slant the sides. This will help your patch up the hole. Make sure to clear out any loose particles.

Step 4 - Applying Bonding Adhesive

Fill the surface of the hole with bonding adhesive. Make sure to use a paintbrush to ensure even coating, as well as getting in between crevices.

Step 5 - Mixing the Latex Cement

Follow the instructions on the cement for mixing. You will want to create a thick paste. Cement mixing varies depending on the use of that mix, it is for so always follow the label. If you need more than a little cement, you may want to use a mechanical mixer to mix the cement for you.

Step 6 - Applying the Cement with a Trowel

With a trowel, apply the cement to the hole. You want the cement to settle throughout the hole's entirety. Apply the cement in 1/2 to 1/4 inch layers. Keep applying layers until you fill the hole up to the top. Apply another layer, but allow 2 hours to dry in between applications. Continue adding layers until the cement is leveled with the concrete.

Step 7 - Smoothing out the Top Layer

Use the trowel to smooth out the top layer of the concrete. If you added excess concrete, it can be scraped off with the edge of the trowel.

Step 8 - Applying Concrete Sealer

Apply a layer of concrete sealer to the surface.

Repairing a concrete slab is easy to do. Just make sure to clean out the chips and holes before filling the areas up with cement to ensure that the cement will settle properly.