How to Repair a Concrete Toilet Flange How to Repair a Concrete Toilet Flange

What You'll Need
Wax ring
Braided toilet supply line
Toilet flange spanner
Nuts and washers
Bolt caps
Putty knife
Hack saw

If you need to repair toilet flange, here are a few materials that you will need along with some steps to help guide you.

Step 1 - Shut Off Water

Begin by shutting the water supply off to the toilet or the entire house. This can be done through the valves near the toilet or the main shut off. Flush toilet and drain completely.

Step 2 - Remove Hardware

Use pliers and wrench to remove old supply line, bolts and then lift the toilet out. Take putty knife and remove the old wax ring.

Step 3 - Install New Hardware

Put new wax ring in place with the toilet flange spanner. Then, place toilet back in place and use the wrench to screw in each of the bolts that you removed. You will also need to reattach the supply line that you took off and make sure that the valves are hooked up properly for when you have to turn the water back on.

Now that you are finished you can turn the water supply back on and test to make sure that everything is working properly. If you have problems, make sure that everything is tightened properly.

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