How to Repair a Corrosive Copper Pipe

What You'll Need
Tubing cutter
Propane torch
Leather gloves
Wire brush
Fiber shield
Slip Couplings
Fiberglass patch tape
Copper pipe

A copper pipe can handle the extreme temperatures of hot and cold water inside its pipe. The constant use of the hot and cold water can cause corrosive damaging effects to the pipe by making small holes or leaking of water throughout the piping. You can easily repair this damage yourself saving you time and money by following the steps below.

    Step 1: Find the Corrosive copper pipe

    A good guide for finding the corrosion on your pipe is to start by looking along the beginning of the pipe. This is usually where the shear amount of volume of water around the start of this area will cause corrosion. You will also want to look around any joints in the piping as these can be corroded by the swirling effect of the water eating away at the pipe causing damage. When you found your damaged pipe you can either use a quick patch or cut and replace method. The quick patch will cost less money but will only patch the problem for a short time. While the repair a replace solution will cost more but will last much longer because you will be replacing the corroded copper.

    Step 2: Quick and easy patch for damaged pipes

    With this kit the only thing you need to do is put on the protective gloves and begin to rap the tape around the damaged pipe. This is only a quick fix and should only be used when the pipe is slightly damaged.

    Step 3: Prepare for cutting the corrosive pipe

    Take a bucket and place this under the section that you will be working on to catch any water coming out. With a pen, you will want to mark off the section of the section of the damaged pipe so you know where you will be cutting.

    Step 4: Cutting and replacing the pipe

    With the tubing cutter you will want to cut off each side of the corroded pipe then tighten it around the pipe and rotate the cutter around a full turn to start cutting the pipe. You will need to do this three or four times by tightening and rotating until the section of the pipe is cut. If you have no room to rotate the tubing cutter you can also use a hacksaw to cut off the section.

    With a new piece of copper pipe you will want to place it next to the cut you just made and mark with a pen the section that you need to cut off with the tubing cutter. Then, using a wire brush you will want to add the flux inside the couplings and slip these onto both ends of the original pipe.

    Step 5. Using a torch and finishing the repair

    Turn on the torch until it turns blue and place the heat under the middle of the coupling. The flux inside should start to burn and you should move to the top and repeat the process. Use some solder and melt this around the joints of the couplings. Check to make sure there are no holes and leaks and you should have a repaired copper pipe.