How to Repair a Crack in a Sink Drain P-Trap

What You'll Need
Pan or bucket (to collect water)
Towels or cloth
Rubber washer
Plumbers tape
P-trap (if old pipe has to be replaced)
Rubber gloves
Eye goggles

It is relatively simple to repair a leaky sink drain P trap without calling in a plumber, which will also prove to be extremely expensive. If you notice that water is gradually dripping to the floor, then clearly water is leaking through a crack in the sink drain P-trap. There could be two reasons as to why this water is dripping to the floor: firstly the connections between the P-trap could be loose and secondly the pipes could have cracked or become obstructed with debris causing water to leak. With some basic knowledge about plumbing, and a few plumbing tools on hand, this task can easily be done yourself at home. This task should only require a few hours of your time.

Step 1 – Turn off Water Supply

The first step is to completely turn off the water supply before attempting to discover the exact cause of the leak. This can be done by simply turning off the cut-off valves which are located near the sink. This shall be a useful step unless you want a floor full of water.

Step 2 – Check Joints of P-trap

Now the next step is to figure out what exactly the leak is being caused by. To ensure your own safety, put on a pair of rubber gloves and eye goggles before continuing on with the next step. Also, place a small pan or bucket under the sink drain in case water leaks when the sink drain is opened up. Using a wrench, check the nuts or bolts of the sink drain P-trap. There could be a crack between the two pipes if the nuts are not tightly bolted. Fix the crack by tightening the nuts with the wrench. Use a piece of plumber’s tape as well to ensure that the two pipes are tightly connected to each other, and are not loose. Rubber washers which are fixed around the pipe connections can also be replaced. However, if a crack is still apparent in the P-trap, then move onto the next step.

Step 3 – Check Condition of Sink Drain and Replace if Necessary

If tightening the bolts does not even help repair the crack, the next step is to check the condition of the pipes and the P-trap. If it is apparent that the P-trap is damaged and the crack cannot be fixed using plumbers tape, etc, then the sink drain will need to be replaced. Rust could have caused the sink drain's condition to deteriorate. A new sink drain P-trap can easily be purchased from a hardware store and put in place of the old one. The above steps should definitely get rid of the crack in the sink drain P-trap, and ensure that there is no longer any water dripping onto the floor from the sink drain.