How to Repair a Cracked Skateboard Deck

What You'll Need
Putty scrapper
Grip tape

It is likely that your skateboard deck will develop a crack or two over time. Follow the simple steps below to effectively a crack or break in your deck.

Step 1: Examining the Skateboard

First, you need to observe how the skateboard actually rides. If you are facing problems in balancing the board, then it means that your skateboard requires a quick repair. Immediately remove the trucks of the skateboard, and place the board on a clean flat surface. Use a knife to cut around the location of the crack.

Step 2: Repairing

Use a putty scraper to remove any tape on the board. Remove all the dust or debris from the crack until it is clean.

Generously apply epoxy to close the crack. Use the putty scrapper to push the epoxy into the crack. Make sure you do this process gently without exerting a lot of pressure on the skateboard.

Step 3: Drying and Taping

Once the epoxy is appropriately applied and the crack is closed, let the board to dry for 24 hours. After the board dries, examine the crack and smooth it with sandpaper. Apply a piece of grip tape onto the location where the crack was. This completes the repairing process.

Step 4: Testing

Take a test ride to ensure that the board moves smoothly. If there are any problems in balancing on the skateboard, adjust on the king pin located at the bottom of the deck. To start with the repairs, remove the bushings and tighten the kingpin using a socket wrench. If you still feel balance problems, loosen the kingpin until you have the ideal and comfortable balance.

Now turn the skateboard as you ride it. See whether you face any difficulty in turning it. If you are unable to turn the board easily, make sure that the kingpin is not too tight.

Step 5: Check for Stability

Ride the skateboard, paying close attention to how stable it is. If you feel the board going from one side to the other, making it difficult to keep it stable along a straight line, chances are high that your deck is warped. You must remove the trucks as well as the wheels underneath.

Step 6: Flatten the Deck

The last step includes completely immersing the deck in water overnight. In the morning, remove it and place a flat, heavy object (like a cement block) on top of it for about 24 hours. This will flatten the deck and get back to its original state. Allow the skateboard to completely dry before you ride it again.