How to Repair a Damaged Portable Carport

What You'll Need
Canvas Pieces
Repair Kit
Scissors or Utility Knife
Cleaning Supplies
Spreader Bar
Replacement Supports

Many homeowners are using a portable carport to store large items like an extra vehicle, a boat, or ATV vehicles. These carports are easy to put up, can be moved to any corner of your yard, and do not cost as much as a full garage. After years of being used, you will find that the canvas of the portable carport will be a little damaged. Here are some steps you can take to quickly repair that damage without having to replace it. 

Step 1: Inspect the Portable Carport

Anytime you see that there is damage to your portable carport, give it a full inspection to determine the full extent of the damage. Sometimes what you see from the outside of the carport can be caused by something that you do not see. A sagging carport can have damage to the support poles. A carport that is listing to one side can have supports that need to be repaired. Other times, a rip is a result of a storm or a vehicle that has driven into the carport. Make sure you know what you need to do and gather the supplies to do the project. 

Step 2: Repair Torn Canvas

One of the most common repairs that are needed for a portable carport is a torn canvas. This kind of repair is fairly easy to do with a repair kit and extra canvas. Clean the area where the canvas is torn with a cleaning solution that is specific to canvas material. Measure the torn area and cut a piece of canvas to fit in its place. Use the glue in a repair kit and spread it on both the portable carport and the new piece of canvas. Place the new piece on the carport and hold it on for a few minutes. The glue will set up quickly. 

Step 3: Repair Sagging Braces

If the portable carport has been used for several years, or has just been through rough weather, the support braces may begin to sag because of the stress put on them. When this happens you can fix this problem with a simple spreader bar. Set the spreader bar into the area where the braces are sagging. Start to ratchet the bar to spread it and move the braces back into position. Secure the bar to the braces with some wire to ensure that it stays in position. 

Step 4: Replace Broken Supports

If the portable carport has been damaged because something has run into it or because of severe weather, you may find that the support legs are bent. This can lead to problems with the carport not standing upright, or eventually breaking the legs and causing the carport to fall on the vehicle. To repair this you will need to replace the bent, or broken support legs. The portable carport will need to be taken down to do this repair. 

Step 5: Replace Cords

Another common issue with portable carports is the cords fraying and breaking. This causes the carport to sag and be easily blown over. Replacing the cords is a simple procedure of tying on new cords.