How to Repair a Dead RV Light Switch

What You'll Need
New switch
RV manual

A dead RV light switch can be a hassle, but it is easy to fix on your own. If you find that yours is not working, here are a few steps that you can take to remedy the problem.

Step 1 – Remove Dead Switch

Locate the switch under the hood. Disconnect the positive wire, which is typically red. Remove cables by unscrewing the nut with pliers. Set the cables aside so you can work. Remove the lens to the light—consult with your manual if you are unsure how. Typically this can be done with a screwdriver. Unscrew the switch and take it down, allowing the wires to hang. Loosen the clips holding the bundle, remove the wires and pull out completely.

Step 2 – Install New Switch

Use the wires that you pulled out to hook up to the new switch. Click the clips back into place to secure. Replace the mechanism that is holding the switch in place by lining it back up and screwing it in. Replace any cover that may have been on the switch, and then screw the lens cover back on. 

Once you are finished, you can replace the battery wires and tighten with pliers. Check to ensure that everything works properly.