How to Repair Drywall with a Dented Bullnose Corner Bead

strips of corner bead
  • 4-10 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-125
What You'll Need
Drywall taping knifes
Drill or screwdriver
Drywall screws (if needed)
Drywall mud
Mud pan
Texture (optional)
Paint (optional)

You can protect the corners of your house from damage by installing a drywall bullnose corner bead. However, what happens if the drywall bullnose corner bead becomes dented? It becomes a very simple solution by removing the drywall from the bullnose corner bead and straightening it out with a hammer. Here are nine simple steps to repair a dented drywall bullnose corner bead.

Step 1 - Clear Away the Old Drywall

Expose the bullnose corner bead by scraping the drywall around it with a drywall taping knife. Make sure to scrape the drywall from both sides. Finish by removing any loose pieces of drywall near the bullnose corner bead.

Step 2 - Hammer the Dent

Repair the dent by gently hammering the drywall bullnose corner bead until it is straight.

Step 3 - Check the Screws

screwing into sheetrock

If any of the drywall screws in the bullnose corner bead appear to be loose, make sure to tighten them. If the drywall bullnose corner bead needs additional reinforcement or support, add more drywall screws. If necessary, replace the entire strip of corner bead.

Step 4 - Prepare Drywall Mud

Prepare the drywall mud for use and fill the mud pan.

Step 5 - Repair Drywall

Spread the drywall mud to the bullnose corner bead with a drywall taping knife. Apply the mud by first spreading it at the bottom and moving up. Then spread it on with a downward stroke to create a sharp corner. Make sure that the mud is level with the rest of the wall, tapering it out as necessary. Allow time for the mud to dry before continuing.

Step 6 - Apply a Second Coat of Drywall Mud

Using the same method as before, add a second coat of drywall mud. Let the mud dry.

Step 7 - Sand the Drywall

person installing plaster on a column

To rebuild the original shape of the wall, you’ll need to sand the drywall to match the rest of the wall. Using circular motions, sand the wall until it is smooth and blends with the rest of the wall. Avoid using up and down motions or you will create flat areas.

Step 8 - Blend Edges of the Repair

Blend the drywall with the previous drywall by wiping it down with a damp rag.

Step 9 (Optional): Texture and Paint the New Drywall

If your walls are textured, apply texture to the new drywall so that it matches the rest of the wall. Finish up by painting the new drywall with the same color as the original, if necessary.

Repairing a dent in your drywall bullnose corner bead does not need to be a difficult task. By following this simple guide you can save yourself money, in addition to making your walls look better.