How to Repair a Dented Metal Headboard Frame

What You'll Need

While having a metal headboard frame is a nice feature to any bedroom, dents are bound to appear in the metal rods creating the frame. These dents are a natural occurrence that appear over time from the frame being bumped into the wall, or perhaps you may have created the dent yourself. These dents are very easy to repair.

Step 1 – Remove the Rods

There are 2 methods that can be used in order to fix these dents. The first is to simply unscrew the rods from the frame itself and then to buy a replacement rod to be slid back in. 

Step 2 – Hammer Out the Dents

The second method will save you money. If you remove the dented rod, and clamp it into place so that it remains stationary, you can take a hammer and lightly tap out the dents. This is a bit time consuming because you need to be sure that you don’t create further dents within the metal. The more metal is bent and worked with, the weaker it becomes.

Step 3 – Take Preventative Measures

While not necessary this is a smart thing to take care of. In order to ensure that your joints and screw points don’t rust sooner than they need too, take some candle wax and rub it over all the joints. This will lubricate the metal and allow it to go for a longer period before rust starts to set in.