How to Repair a Desk Fan

A desk fan is a great thing to have in summer months and acts as a personal cooling system. When something goes wrong with your desk fan, there are some things you can do to repair it yourself.

1 – Excessive Noise

Try taping a small object to the blades to rebalance and see if that solves the problem.

2 – No Movement

If the fan is turning on and you can hear the hum of the motor but there is no movement, first try to lubricate the gears and the clutch knob. You can access this by removing the face screen and the motor cover.

If lubrication does not work, you can purchase replacement parts from the manufacturer or local supplier. Instructions for replacement will be included with the part and depends upon your model of fan and the fan size.

3 – Does Not Turn On

If the fan is not humming or moving, check for the connection of electricity. It is possible to replace the power cord if necessary.

You will need to determine if the replacement cost is effective, compared to the price of a new desk fan.