How to Repair a Door Stud

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What You'll Need
Razor knife
Straight edge
Reciprocating saw
Measuring tape
Wooden board or plywood
Mud wall
Tool box

A door stud can be damaged through regular use and exposure to water. Most of the times, the stud is made of wood and is constructed on a stud wall. It is important to gauge the exact extent of damage to stud walls before you attempt to repair it. Rather than spend money on a professional, follow the steps below to repair your own door stud.

Step 1 - Remove Damaged Stud Wall

Remove the damaged stud wall from the structure. Use a razor knife and straightedge to carve out the rotten area. Ensure that you mark the area before you cut. Mark the damaged area and at least 5 to 6 inches of the surrounding area. This is important to blend the door stud later.

Step 2 - Remove Both Sides

It is convenient to remove the dry door from both sides. Ensure that the cut you made in Step 1 penetrates through the first layer of stud door and reaches to the middle part. Clean up the mess before you proceed to the next level.

Step 3 - Check the Damaged Area

Check the damaged area. If the door stud has been spoiled by water, now is the time to fix the leakage. Otherwise, the problem would continue to recur time and again. Check if there are any parts of the door stud that are wet. If so, use a fan to dry them out before moving on to the work.

Step 4 - Use a Reciprocating Saw to Carve

Use a reciprocating saw to carve out the infected area. Ensure that you cut leaving 2 inches on all sides. Once the portion is cut, tap it with a hammer so that the cut area falls out of the door stud structure.

Step 5 - Check the Structure of the Wall

Check if the remaining structure of the door wall is in perfect condition. Pay special emphasis on the floor plate and wall structure on which the door stud has been mounted.

Step 6 - Measure and Mark

Measure the area of the door stud that has been carved out and needs to be replaced.

Use a marker to draw it out on the wood boards. Ensure that the boards are of the same thickness and make as the ones used for the stud wall.

Step 7 - Nail the Board

Wedge the wooden board on to the door stud and nail it in place with nails. You can use wooden boards to act as support while you fix the missing pieces in the door stud.

Step 8 - Apply Mud Wall

Once the stud door has been fixed, apply mud wall and tape to firm it in place. Let it dry for some time.