How to Repair a Dryer Vent Duct

What You'll Need
New Dryer Vent Duct
Plumbers Snake
Duct Tape

A dryer vent duct can become damaged due to long use or due to abuse. When the dryer vent duct becomes damaged, it causes poor air flow, which speeds up the accumulation of lint. Sometimes, the vent gets clogged and will need cleaning. However, if the duct is damaged to a point when repairing it is impossible, then it needs to be replaced with a new one. Read on for more info on how to repair a dryer vent duct.

Step 1 – Determine the Extent of the Damage

When the dryer is taking a longer time to dry clothes or is creating too much noise during operation, then make sure to know what type of damage needs to be dealt with. Usually, if it has nothing to do with the unit, then it has something to do with the vent duct. Expose the dryer vent duct to investigate. To do this, pull the dryer away from the wall in order to access the rear part of the unit. Remove the vent duct from the unit and inspect the entire duct to find damages.

Step 2 – Use Duct Tape for Broken Ducts

Ducts that are broken at some point can be repaired easily by sealing the broken areas. This will depend on the size breakage. If it is relatively small, simply wrap duct tape around it to repair the problem. However, if the extent of damage is to the point that duct tape is not sufficient, then it is best to buy a new vent duct and replace the old one.

Step 3 – Clean the Vent Duct

If the duct does not seem to have been damaged at any point, then one cause is the accumulation of lint. Too much lint can clog the duct and cause air flow problems. One way to clean the duct is to insert a plumber’s snake into it to remove the lint. Start removing the lint at the bottom part of the duct. When the bottom part has been dealt with, then the upper part of it should also be cleaned. The upper part can be accessed at the roof, on the exterior wall, or on any location where it can be accessed. Insert the snake into the upper opening and get the lint out of the duct. After cleaning, reinstall the vent duct back to the rear of the dryer and test if it solves the problem. If cleaning and sealing do not work, then the vent duct should be replaced with a new and more efficient one.

Step 4 – Replacing the Vent Duct

Remove the old vent duct and purchase a new one having the same model. It is important to find an exact match because vent ducts do not come in generic models. After purchase, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the vent duct onto the dryer. Before turning on the machine, make sure to seal all joints first.