How to Repair a Ductless Exhaust Fan

What You'll Need

Ductless exhaust fans are very common now and they are widely used in houses. These are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. In kitchen these ductless exhaust fans serve the purpose of removing smoke and foul odors. They are very efficient and keep the indoor air clean and remove any smoke or gasses that can be harmful for the respiratory system. After they are used for several years, the ductless exhaust fans might develop some problems and they can be repaired very easily. You can always call a professional for repairing it but you can very easily do it yourself.

Step 1: Fuse

If the ductless exhaust fan is not working and there is no power in it then you must check the fuse first. There is always a possibility that the fuse has blown due to some voltage fluctuation or some other reason. There is also a fair chance that the wiring is damaged somewhere. Check the wiring and change it if it’s broken or is damaged.

Step 2: Light Bulb

Check the fan and the light and see if they are working properly or not. In case the light bulb is not working replace it with a new light bulb of the same specification. After replacing the old bulb if it does not work then there must be some problem with the socket and you must repair it or replace it with a new one. In case the fan is showing some problem, inspect the fan switch.

Step 3: Dimmer Switch

The dimmer switch indicates the working power of the exhaust and the light bulb is directly connected with it. Adjust the dimmer switch and see if the glow of the light is changing or not. If it does not work and the light is glowing uniformly them you must change the dimmer switch.

Step 4: Further Inspection

After doing all these if the exhaust fan is still not working then you need to open it and see where the problem is. Before opening the exhaust, turn off the power from the circuit breaker and make sure there is no power coming to the exhaust. Next use a screwdriver to open the cover of the ductless exhaust fan. Do this carefully and after removing the screws the cover comes off very easily.

Step 5: Internal Wiring

After opening the cover of the exhaust, check the internal wiring of the system. In case the exhaust is used in the kitchen, the heat might melt the wires or in many cases the screws with which the wires are connected can become loose. All these can cause a malfunction of the exhaust. Check them properly and replace the wires if needed.

Step 6: Fan

Use the multimeter to check the fan switch. Check the resistance of the fan switch using the multi-meter. If the switch is functioning properly then the reading must be zero ohms. Otherwise the fan switch is defective. If the switch is okay but still the fan is not working then you need to replace the fan.