How to Repair a Fiberglass Deck Cover

What You'll Need
Fiberglass Epoxy or Sealant Kit
Utility Knife
Application Brush

A deck repair of a fiberglass deck cover may be possible using a repair epoxy, or sealant for the fiberglass. This repair is a cost effective way to patch small tears and holes that may develop in your deck cover. In order to repair a fiberglass deck cover, here are the tools, materials and steps needed to accomplish the task.

Step 1: Remove the Fiberglass Deck Cover

In order to repair your fiberglass deck cover, you will need to remove it from the deck. The fiberglass deck cover should be placed in an area that is large enough to accommodate it when laid flat. You need to place the fiberglass deck cover on a surface that is easy to work on and is resistant to any staining that may occur as a result of the application of the repair epoxy.

Step 2: Purchase Materials to Repair Fiberglass Deck Cover

Go to a home improvement center or hardware store and inquire about the types of products the retailer carries to repair holes and tears in fiberglass. The store assistant should be able to show you some epoxy type material that will work properly with a patch kit will seal the hole or tear in your fiberglass deck cover.

Be sure to choose a sealant that is appropriate for the type of fiberglass deck cover that you own. If necessary, cut a small section of the fiberglass deck cover using a utility knife. The section that you cut away as a sample should be close to the repair site in order to make it easier to patch.

Step 3: Read Instructions for the Application of the Epoxy

Read the instructions that are found with the fiberglass deck cover sealant or epoxy that you purchased from the home improvement or hardware store. Make sure that you understand the proper application of the sealant before applying it to your fiberglass deck cover.

Apply a small amount of sealant to a section of the repair site and examine how it works. This will give you a better understanding of how to use the materials and whether you can use it on the entire repair or need to purchase a different repair kit.

Step 4: Apply the Sealant to the Fiberglass Deck Cover

After testing the epoxy or sealant, continue with its application on the entire fiberglass deck cover. Apply in accordance with the attached instructions and allow sufficient time for the epoxy to set up and dry before moving to the final step.

Step 5: Reattach the Fiberglass Deck Cover to the Deck

Once the epoxy dries completely and the repair has been completed, attach the fiberglass deck cover to the deck in the same manner in which it was removed. This should complete the repair process of your fiberglass deck. Keep some epoxy repair material on hand in case of any emergency repair that may come up later.