How to Repair a Flagstone Walkway

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A flagstone walkway will rarely need repairing. Flagstone walkways are well known for their high durability but they can still get damaged. Stones can get cracked by something very heavy falling on them and weather conditions such as heavy frost can also cause damage to the stones. Faults with the installation itself can also be an issue. Fortunately, repairing a damaged flagstone walkway is not particularly complicated. The damaged stone simply needs to be removed and then replaced with a new one adding some mortar to secure it in place.

Step 1—Preparations

To begin with, you need to chip away the mortar around the damage stone. Use a special stone chisel to do this, as a normal chisel will not get the job done. To do this properly, point the chisel towards the stone at a slight angle and then hammer it in place one bit at a time. It will take some time to chisel away the mortar, but it is not particularly difficult in most cases. It is important to exercise patience to avoid breaking any other stones. If you have a flagstone walkway which only has sand instead of water between the stones, the process is much easier. In this case, all you have to do is lift the old stone out and placing a new one in.

Step 2—Break up the Stone

When you have got rid of most of the mortar, you can then break up the damaged stone. Use a heavy duty mallet to do this. It is important to make sure that as much of the mortar has been removed as possible as this process can easily cause damage to neighboring stones if not done carefully. Do not use too much force with the hammer. Use just enough force to crack the existing stone. When you have broken up the stone into more manageable chunks, remove the broken pieces of flagstone. If there is any mortar still around the hole left behind, use the chisel to get rid of it. Finally, clean away any loose mortar or dirt that has been left behind.

Step 3—Placing the New Flagstone

Before you place the new flagstone, spray the area with water. Apply new mortar to the area and make sure that it is level. Make sure that you do not shovel the mortar too high. When you have done this, put the new paving stone in place. Be sure to check whether the paving stone is the same level as the other ones. Leave this overnight so that the mortar will dry and the paving will stick in place. The next day, apply another batch of mortar between the joints of the new flag stone. Smooth this out using the trowel and leave it to dry for another 24 hours. The flagstone path should be looking as good as new again.