How to Repair a Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

What You'll Need
Small Phillips or Flathead Screwdriver
New Face Shield
New Chinstrap
New Liner
All Purpose Cleaner
Soft Towel

A full face motorcycle helmet goes through some physical abuse over time. It is often dropped and dinged up from road debris and bugs while riding. Also there comes those moments when the chin strap becomes worn and needs replacing. The face shield of your helmet can offer suffer damage if your helmet is dropped on the shield. As long as your helmet isn't cracked, it is possible to do minor repairs yourself. If your helmet is cracked, a new helmet is your best option for protection. With these instructions, replacing worn parts like the face shield, chin strap and liner can have your helmet looking new again.

Step 1 - Replacement Parts

Your helmet's manufacturer will have the replacement parts you need to repair or replace the components of your helmet. Sending your helmet in to be repaired is an option. However, ordering the parts from the manufacturer or purchasing them from your local motorcycle parts and accessories store is more cost efficient.

Step 2 - Remove Chinstrap

Depending upon your helmet's manufacturer, your chinstrap could be a button-on type with a snapping mechanism for added security or could be attached to the helmet with screws. If it is attached by button and snaps, remove the strap carefully so as not to damage the stud on which the strap was secured. If your chinstrap is secured by a screw mechanism, use your Phillips or Flathead screwdriver to remove the screws. Be careful not to damage the threads on the screw so that it may be used again when putting on the new chinstrap. Discard chinstrap.

Step 3 - Remove Face Shield

With your Phillips or Flathead screwdriver, unscrew the screws from one side of the face shield ensuring you aren't damaging the threads. Once done, move to the opposite side repeating the same action. Ensure that you are placing the screws in a safe place so that they aren't lost when you replace the face shield. Discard face shield.

Step 4 - Remove Helmet Liner 

Your helmet liner may be attached with snaps inside your helmet around the entire helmet. If this is the case, detach all snaps and remove the liner. If your liner is designed to fit snug inside the helmet, remove the liner from the base of the helmet and lift it out. After removing the liner, discard it.

Step 6 - Reassemble Replacement Parts

You can now put the parts back on your helmet shell in reverse order of how you removed the old parts. Installing the parts in reverse order will ensure that one item is not hindering you from properly installing another. Be careful when installing the screws for the face shield and chinstrap so that you do not strip the threads on the screws or the threads in the base of the helmet. After your helmet is reassembled, use a mild all purpose cleaner and soft towel for a thorough cleaning. Applying an anti-fog solution to your face shield is also helpful.