How to Repair a Garden Faucet

What You'll Need
Crescent wrench
Box or small tray
Screw driver
Faucet grease
Adjustable Wrench
Socket Wrench
There are many reasons why you should repair a garden faucet. If the garden faucet is leaking, this can lead to water leakage that might cost you some extra money when you receive your monthly water bill, and it may even flood your plants, causing up-rooting. There might be different problems that lead the garden faucet to malfunction, however these simple reference guidelines can help you solve the problems you may be experiencing with your garden faucet. Most problems that people experience with garden faucets do not require much time, but require some knowledge.

Step 1- Turning Off the Water

In order to start the job you need to turn off the water. Once the water is off get a small tray or a box, that way you can put the things you take off from the faucet inside the box so you wont lose anything.

Step 2- Removing the Handle

You need to remove the handle which you use to turn the water off and on. For this you need to use a screw driver. Put the screw into the small tray or box. Once you have unscrewed the handle the handle should come off easily. Depending on the type of garden faucet that you have, you might need to use different kinds of tools. You might need a wrench for removing the handle. To do this, grab the handle with the wrench and turn the handle all the way to the left, or counterclockwise.

Step 3- Removing the Nut

There is a small nut under the handle which needs to be removed. In order for the nut packaging to come out, you need to move it counterclockwise, then you need to wiggle the stem around in order for it to effectively come out. To remove the nut, you might need a socket wrench. You need to take off the packaging nut by turning the socket wrench counterclockwise. If it is difficult for you to take the washer out once it has being unscrewed, then use a screwdriver to get it out.

Step 4- Removing the Stem

The stem should be removed. The stem is a long rod that is accompanied by a washer. The washer is located at the end of the rod and this washer needs to be replaced by a new washer. Once you have taken the washer off, make sure to put in a new one.

Step 5- Greasing the Stem

Once you have removed and replaced the washer it is important that you grease the stem. Rub the grease all over the stem by applying the grease to a rag, and rubbing it on the stem thoroughly.

Step 6 - Installing the Packing Nut

You need two adjustable wrenches to do this job. With one adjustable wrench, you will hold the faucet in place and with the other you will turn the faucet in order to tighten it.

Step 7 - Replacing Everything

Once you have replaced all of the components above, your garden faucet should not leak. This should save your garden soil, and a few dollars on your monthly water bill.