How to Repair a Gas BBQ

The Gas BBQ is not always reliable, and they are also expensive either to replace or have someone repair. In difficult financial times, it’s not easy to maintain a grill, and at some point it’s necessary to get your hands dirty and fix the gas BBQ yourself. Even if the gas BBQ doesn’t need repairing, it’s a good idea to do a little renovation and maintenance in order to keep the BBQ working.
Fixing a gas grill needn’t be a complicated affair: almost every part of an old gas BBQ can be replaced, a more inexpensive option than buying a completely new BBQ. The first and easiest step is to simply clean the grill parts – these can become clogged with grease and a simple wiping down can help enormously. If this doesn’t solve the problem, then you’ll need to break out the toolbox and start fixing.

Preparing to fix

Before beginning any kind of repair work on the gas barbecue, it is essential to ensure that the gas is turned off, and the tank either turned off or disconnected from the grill. Use a pair of gloves to keep your hands from getting dirty and limit the risk of being cut.
Most outdoor grills are powered by lava rocks, so these should be taken out and cleaned – any gas BBQ rocks that are over a year old should be replaced.

The ignition is another part of the barbeque that sometimes fails. Check the ignition button by pressing the switch and checking for a spark – if there are any problems, try cleaning the connections.
The wire connection on the ignition can also become worn over time, so try covering the wire ends with electrical tape - if there are still problems, then this part can be replaced quite easily.

Another problem can be with the burner – this can become covered in grease, so clean it thoroughly. If it seems rusty, or the holes are burned through, replace. Burner ports can become clogged, but it is possible to clean them with wire.
Part of the burner assembly is the venturi tubes (the large tubes which connect the gas supply to the burner) – these can become clogged, but are easily cleaned by scrubbing the inside of the tube with a pipe cleaner.

Gas BBQ fittings may also become dirty, or develop leaks. Remove the tubes from the barbeque, and put underwater; bubbles forming on the tubes will show a leak; tubes with holes should be replaced, and any other connections fitted tightly.

Preventing damage

The best way to ensure that the gas BBQ continues to work for a while is through proper maintenance. Ensure that the grill is cleaned thoroughly after each use; leave the barbeque on for about 10 minutes after cooking – this will help to loosen food on the briquettes and grill mesh. You can also clean the briquettes by burning them for about half an hour, with the soiled side facing down. Keep the cooking grate well-maintained and free from food (this will also help avoid stomach upsets which are associated with barbequing.