How to Repair a Gazebo Screen

What You'll Need
Sheet Metal
Tape Measure
Rust Remover

If you are looking for a way to replace part of a screen gazebo, then you may feel that there is no way that you can replace it. A screen gazebo has a number of small panels around the sides which are usually made of parts which could be fitted in and out of the gazebo easily. Damage to the screen can prevent this from working well, or you may find that you have damaged it beyond repair. Fixing the screen on your gazebo can depend very much upon what it is made from, and whether you can get the right kind of material to make a convincing repair.

Step 1 - Remove the Screen

Before you can start your repair, you will have to remove the damaged panel from your screen gazebo. Most of these types of gazebo were designed to be folded and carried around, so you may find that the screen is simply held in position with a few screws. These can easily be removed, and the screen taken out. Older screen gazebos may be suffering a little from corrosion and rust, so you might need to pry out the screen, using your screwdriver, and perhaps a mallet. Once you have the screen loose, lift it out, and place it down on a flat surface. Remember to ensure that the rest of the gazebo is secure before you start work on the screen.

Step 2 - Fixing a Metal Screen

How much you need to do to the metal screen in order to repair it will depend upon the amount of damage to the screen itself. If there has been a simple accident, then a small dent can be hammered out using a mallet and a cloth placed over the dent. For more serious problems, such as a rip in the metal, you may have no choice but to construct another screen. Take a piece of sheet metal, and lay it out on the ground. Measure the screen panel carefully, and then cut the sheet of metal to the same dimensions. You can them use the mallet to create flanges along the side which will support the screen, and then place this in the panel, and put back onto the gazebo.

Step 3 - Fixing a Fabric Screen

Some screen gazebos are made of fabric, and while these are often damaged, they are easy to repair. You can do this by using a simple needle and thread to repair the hole, and then restoring the screen to the gazebo. Some types of invisible thread might also allow you to make an invisible repair.

Step 4 - Replacing the Screen

When you are ready, you can put the panel back in your screen gazebo. If the gazebo has some rust,  you can repair this with some rust remover, wiped over the frame with a cloth. Take your panel, and screw it back into position using your screwdriver. With the repaired screen, you should be able to use your gazebo as before.