How to Repair a Hanging Wooden Wine Glass Rack How to Repair a Hanging Wooden Wine Glass Rack

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Duct tape

If you have a wooden wine glass rack which has become damaged, then you will want to repair it quickly. Wine glass racks are designed to hang on the back of cabinets, or along the sides of shelving, and provide a convenient place to put all of your wine glasses. They can also be damaged fairly easily, either by constant wear and tear, or by being used too roughly. Depending upon the amount of damage inflicted on your rack, you may need to take off the whole arm and discard it, or perhaps perform a running repair with a piece of wood. However you choose to repair your wine glass rack, you can complete this task by following a few simple steps.

Step 1 - Remove the Wine Rack

Take down the glasses from inside your wine rack. Put these in a safe place so that you can replace them later. Use your drill to remove the support screws, and then pull down the rack. Carefully examine the area where the damage has occurred, and consider what you need to do to repair it. If the damaged item is really broken, then you will need to take off the arm and repair it, but you could also try and salvage the arm by fixing it.

Step 2 - Fix the Arm

You might be able to fix the arm using some wood glue. Place a little bit of glue on the end of the broken arm, and press the two pieces together. You should then wrap the arm with a duct tape. Leave the tape around the arm for the rest of the day, and then remove the tape. The arm should be held together firmly using the wood glue.

Step 3 - Remove the Arm

Take the arm, and unscrew it from the rest of the rack. Keep the screws, as you might want to save these for later. Place the two ends of the stick together, and hold them together with the duct tape. You should then measure the arm against a length of wood. Cut this wood down to size using your saw. You should use your drill to make two holes, one either end of the replacement wood.

Step 4 - Replace the new Arm

Take the new arm, and hold it in position. Make sure that it is the right length, and then add glue to the holes on the ends. Push the glued ends into the parts of the original rack, and insert the old screws. Use your drill to secure the arm, and then leave the rack overnight so that the glue can dry. When you are ready, install the rack back onto the walls using the support screws. Once the rack has been replaced, you should be able to put your glasses back onto the rack, and keep using your wine glass rack as previously.

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