How to Repair a Hole in a Natural Stone Floor

What You'll Need
Soft cloth

A natural stone floor provides a very pleasant look, but it does require some special care and attention which might, at times, be quite costly when compared with other flooring. This is especially the case if you opt to hire a professional repairer or restorer rather than attempting to do the work yourself. Here, we shall be discussing the basic steps you should follow in order to try to repair any holes that might develop in the natural stone floor.

Step 1: Examine The Floor

First of all, examine the floor well to check for any holes and other defects. If you notice any, try to ascertain the reason behind their development in order to be able to treat them accordingly, while making sure to prevent any new holes from developing.

Step 2: Sand the Hole

It is best that you hand-sand the hole to prepare it for the subsequent processes. Use some water to wet it while sanding for better results. Holes or small scratches will, in the vast majority of cases, be rough and have some loose small stones at the edges. Hence, if not sanded well, you will find problems filling it adequately, causing small holes to remain. This will ultimately end up ruining your work because if the hole is not filled in a solid manner, it will develop again over time.

Step 4: Clean the Hole

The next step is to clean the hole of any dust or other residues that might have accumulated around the hole’s edges and nearby areas. It is also recommended that you clean the area with some suitable cleaner diluted with some water. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that you have allowed the hole to dry completely.

Step 5: Apply the Grout

Once you are done, start to apply some grout inside the hole. Make sure you use a good quality brand and one which is suitable for your stone. Use sparingly in order to fill the hole well. Any excess will then have to be cleaned off before drying up. Make sure you do not leave any open parts, as even if they are small, they are porous and will end up ruining the work and requiring you to repeat the whole process after a short period of time. Also, make sure to follow the particular instructions for the brand of grouting you use when applying it.

Step 6: Apply Sealer

At this point, you need to apply some sealer. You can apply it either by means of a brush or by using the tip of a soft cloth or small towel. If you are aware that your natural stone floor is very porous, it is best that you apply more than one coating of sealer for better final results.

By following these steps carefully, you will manage to repair any holes in your natural stone floors yourself.