How to Repair a Hose Bib Vacuum Breaker that Leaks

What You'll Need
A new hose bib
Soldering equipment
1 male copper pipe adaptor
1 copper coupling
A saw that cuts copper
Plumbers tape

Hose bib vacuum breakers are anti-siphon devices that protect the water system of a house from being contaminated by backflow from a faucet. These devices are meant to be tamper-proof and will usually either break while being removed or need to be cut off. So, if one needs to repair a leaky vacuum breaker it is easier, more cost effective, and less time consuming to simply replace the entire hose bib itself. To do so, follow these four easy steps.

Step 1: Turn off the Water Supply

Always turn off the water first when beginning a plumbing project.

Step 2:  Remove the Screws on the Hose Bib Flange

Using a screwdriver, remove the screws that are holding the hose bib to the house. If the hose bib is the screw-on type, simply twist the old bib off and screw the new one on. If the bib is not the screw-on type continue following the steps.

Step 3:  Remove the Hose Bib

Inside the house, cut the copper pipe that leads outside to the hose bib. Afterwards, go outside and remove the hose bib. Using soldering tools, sweat a male adapter onto the end of a new piece of copper pipe that is the same length as the one you cut. Once cool, apply plumber’s tape to the male adapter and thread it into the new bib.

Step 4: Insert the New Bib into Place

Go outside and slide the new bib and pipe in through the wall where the old one was removed. Once again, use the soldering tools to sweat a coupling into place to join the new pipe with the supply pipe. Outside, reattach the flange screws that hold the hose bib in place. Finally, test the fixture and inspect it for leaks.