How to Repair a Hydraulic Winch

What You'll Need
New Clutch
Load to Test With

A hydraulic winch requires regular maintenance, to keep it in working order. Most repairs are also simple, if it gets that far. Here are a few things you can do to find and repair the problems with your winch.

Step 1- Check The Clutch

Most issues with a hydraulic winch will stem from a problem with the clutch. The clutch on this type of winch is simple to take apart, and easy to replace if necessary. It's most often going to be less of a hassle and more affordable to simply replace the clutch. You can order the new clutch directly from the winch manufacturer.

Step 2- Test the Motor

You may not have anything wrong with the winch at all. All winches can handle different load capacities. If you try to pull something that is heavier than the winch is weight rated for, you will experience a sluggish pull and can damage the motor. Test to see if the motor is wearing down, by operating the winch independent of a load. If the motor is sluggish or doesn't pull without a load, then you need to replace the motor.