How to Repair a Jammed Air Conditioner Blower Fan

What You'll Need
Cleaning rag
Spray bottle (optional)
Soft-bristled brush
Before the hot weather hits, you want to make sure your air conditioning blower fan is in top working order. You can rule out several issues with your AC unit by giving the unit itself as well as the blower a good scrub down. Keep in mind that some things may still need to be addressed by a professional HVAC technician. Air conditioning units need to be cleaned thoroughly at the beginning and end of summer. This ensures proper functioning and maximum efficiency. The steps for cleaning each air conditioning unit are all the same. Throughout the process, you will need to be familiar with the assembly of your particular unit. Refer to the manual to locate any parts unknown.  

Step 1: Cut the Power

Unplug the unit. On the breaker box, flip the corresponding switch to cut the power. This will help to avoid electric shock while working on the air conditioning unit. Electric shock occurs when contact of the body comes into contact with any source of voltage. The current may cause tissue damage or even death. In 2001, 411 people died from electrocutions. Large appliances accounted for 19 percent of electrocution deaths and 11 percent were from installing household wiring. So take the precaution and turn off the breaker.

Step 2: Remove the Cover and Blower

With a wrench, remove the bolts from the outer cover of the air conditioning unit. Using a flashlight, locate the blower of the AC unit. The blower is usually a round shape. It has blades on all sides and in some cases may be covered in a plastic housing. Using a wrench, remove any components blocking the blower to get to the blower. Then remove the blower itself. It would be wise to mark each area so it will be easier to remember where each item needs to be replaced when your project is finished. You don’t want to end up with miscellaneous parts that seem to have no place.

Step 3: Clean the Unit

Mix ¾ cup bleach with 1 gallon lukewarm water. Spray the rag with the spray bottle or dip the cleaning rag into the bleach solution. Wipe away any mold, dirt or dust from the blower's blades. For any hard-to-remove dirt on the blower or air conditioning unit, use a soft bristled brush to scrub it clean. Using a vacuum, clean up any other debris inside of the unit. Use the vacuum to clean the blower. Run it along the outside of the blower to ensure that all debris is removed.

Step 4: Putting Everything Back Together

When clean-up is finished, place the blower and any other components back into place. Your air conditioning unit is now cleaned and the blower should be no longer be jammed. Taking these preventative maintenance measures on your AC unit will give the unit a longer lifespan.