How to Repair a Kitchen Sink Sprayer that Leaks

A kitchen sink.

A broken kitchen sink sprayer is clearly an eyesore for anyone’s kitchen. A broken kitchen sink sprayer can be fixed in two ways: by repairing it or by replacing both the spray head and the hose. Although it is easy to replace a kitchen sink sprayer (which normally costs around $15), you could also repair it. You can repair it without having to turn off the water to the sink.

Before repairing a kitchen sink sprayer, it’s important to determine where the leak is coming from. If, for example, the leak is coming from the actual nozzle unit it will only require a minor repair. However, if the leak is coming from the hose, that part needs to be replaced. And lastly, if the leak is coming from the connection, the only thing needing to be fixed is the connection.

Step 1 - Turn off Supply Valve

Turn off the water supply valve, which is located under the sink. Then, turn on the faucet to make draining the line possible and remove the water supply.

Step 2 - Replace Gaskets

If the leak is coming from the spray nozzle, you might be able to replace the gaskets that are within the nozzle. To do this, open the unit and find the rubber gaskets.

Remove the old gasket if it’s already in a poor condition. You can purchase a replacement gasket from any hardware shop. Keep in mind to bring the old casket when buying the new one to make sure that you are purchasing the correct gasket. After purchasing the new gasket, replace the old gasket with the new one. Test if it’s working by turning on the water supply and using the kitchen sink sprayer.

Step 3 - Strengthen the Seal

If the leak is coming from underneath the sink, specifically where the hose is attached to the faucet, one just needs to strengthen the seal without having to replace anything at all. To do this, remove the supply line and clean the two ends of the connection. Use plumber’s tape around the threads to wrap them. Then put the piece into its original place.

Step 4 - Replace the Sprayer

If that did not solve the problem, you may also try replacing the entire sprayer, including either the hose or the whole assembly itself. If the whole assembly needs to be replaced, just removed the supply line from the faucet assembly. Then, pull the spray to remove the hose of the old kitchen sink spray.

After removing the old sprayer, the new sprayer can be easily completed. This can be done by threading the new line above the sink. Use the plumber’s tape and wrap it around the end to produce a better seal between the retaining nut and the threads of the hose.