How to Repair a Leaking Toilet Flapper Valve

What You'll Need
Flange valve

Toilets get an awful lot of use every day and over time they can become damaged, the toilet flapper valve in particular is susceptible to damage. The flapper valve is also known as the toilet flush valve and is what prevents water from leaving the toilet until the handle is pulled.

The majority of these are made out of rubber and this means that they can perish over time. Some of them are higher quality which will make them last longer.

Step 1 - Looking at the Toilet

Try to work out why your toilet is leaking. If you find that your toilet needs to refill regularly and you hear a continually trickling noise coming from your toilet then there's a good chance that this is caused by the toilet flapper valve.

A toilet tank which needs to fill up too often then this is probably caused by the fill valve. Take a look at how to repair a fill valve if this is the problem.

Step 2 - Switch off the Water

You cannot work on your toilet safely without first shutting off the water. Hopefully you have a toilet shut off valve located close to your toilet. If you don't then you will need to switch the main valve off in the street.

Step 3 - Flushing

Flush the handle on the toilet so that you can get rid of all of the water inside your toilet. As you have turned the water off the toilet won't be able to fill up again.

Take the top off the toilet and you should be able to take a look at the flapper valve at the bottom. This is blocking the water and preventing it from flowing out of the toilet.

Unclip the flapper valve from the bottom of the toilet so that it can be removed. Undo the chain or strap which is connecting the valve to the handle. Once this is removed you can then completely remove the valve. This will be damaged and you will need to throw the valve away and replace it with one of the same type and size.

Step 4 - Replacing the Valve

The valve will now need to be replaced, simply position the new valve into the right place and clip it into position. You will now need to connect this strap to the handle by clipping it on. Choose the best hole to connect the strap to so this will depend on the handle you're using.

Step 5 - Turning the Water Back on

Turn the water on so that the tank can fill back up. Take a look for any signs of leaks, if you do experience any leaks then you will need to find out about the problem and find a way of correcting them. If the chain is too tight then this can cause the valve to stay open which will prevent it from blocking the water.

Step 6 - Test

Flush the toilet by pressing the handle and check that it flushes properly. If you experience any problems then you will need to work out why this is happening so that you can put it right.