How to Repair a Leaking Toilet Flush Valve

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-50
What You'll Need
Toilet flush valve
What You'll Need
Toilet flush valve

Anyone who is suffering from a leaky toilet will find this a very irritating and frustrating problem, fixing a toilet flush valve is actually one of the easiest things that any home owner can actually do. This will also prevent you from wasting a lot of water because otherwise this water will be flushed down the drain. These components can be purchased easily from most home hardware stores which will make it possible to easily correct this problem very cheaply.

Most of these flush valves are made from rubber although some of them will be made from much higher quality and more durable materials which will help them to last longer even in chlorinated water. When the parts get older they can become brittle and this will result in them cracking or becoming damaged. If they crack then this will easily allow water to leak out of the tank.

Step 1 - Inspection

Open the toilet tank up and inspect the inside of the tank, you need to look at whether or not it is the toilet flush valve which is actually causing the problem. If the toilet tank refills more often than it should then this is probably the toilet flush valve, this can also result in a trickling noise being heard as the water exits the tank and goes down the toilet.

If the tank only refills but does not trickle out then this is probably a problem with the fill valve. If this is the problem then read the guide on how to repair a toilet fill valve.

Step 2 - Shutting off the Water

Before you start work on your toilet you should shut the water off, if you have a wall valve located close to your toilet then you can use this. Otherwise you will need to use the master water valve which is normally located outside of your home.

Step 3 - Emptying the Toilet

Press the toilet handle to flush the toilet so that the water drains out, because you have shut off the water the tank will not be able to fill up again. Take a look at the flapper or toilet flush valve located at the bottom of the tank. You will see that the flush valve is made out of a piece of rubber and hinges upwards to open. Undo the valve by unclipping the ears which hold it in place.

Unclip the strap connecting the handle to the flush valve so that the toilet flush valve can be removed. If this is damaged then it cannot be repaired and will need to be discarded.

Step 4 - Connecting the New Flush Valve

The new flush valve needs to be put into the right position and clipped into place. Then the strap can be connected to the handle using the clips in the pack. There will be a few different holes to connect to handles so choose the best one for your handle.

Step 5 - Turn Water On

Switch the water supply on to the toilet and allow the toilet to fill up again. Check for any signs of leaks, if there are leaks then check that the flush valve is seated correctly and is blocking the hole where the water runs out. Check that the chain isn't too tight against the valve as this will prevent the valve from closing properly.

Step 6 - Testing

Press the toilet handle down and check that the toilet flushes properly and as it should do. If there are any problems then you may need to turn the water off again so that you can safely do the repairs.