How to Repair a Leaking Washing Machine Drain Hose

washing machine and dryer indoors
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 35
What You'll Need
Replacement drain Hose
Bowl of soapy water

Water leaks create the opportunity for water damage, which can cost you as a homeowner. If one of the problems in your home is a leaking washing machine drain hose, then this is easily repaired or replaced. You may need to get some help to remove the washing machine drain hose from its position, but once this is managed, you should be able to do the rest of your project by yourself. This is probably one of the easiest repairs you can do on your washing machine, so don't be reluctant to attempt it yourself. Getting this job done doesn’t need the assistance of a professional if you have some basic home improvement skills. All you have to do is follow a few simple guidelines to get the job done quickly and easily.

Step 1 - Remove the Hose from the Machine

Take care to make sure that the water and electricity supplies are turned off at the mains, and it might be a good idea to seal off the switches with tape while you are working on the washing machine. Get your wrench, and remove the bolt which holds the hose to the machine.

Step 2 - Remove the Hose from the Drain

You will have to take the hose off of the drain. You will need your friend to hold the top of the hose while you go below the drain and unscrew it from the bottom. You should be able to remove it carefully, with one hand free so that you can catch the washers in case they fall through the hole. The most common place for a leak is at the connector so make sure it is properly threaded and add plumber’s tape if needed when you reattach it. Once the hose is off, take the washers and replace them with new ones. They are only a few cents each, so even if they are not the cause of the leak, it is worth replacing them while the hose is free.

Step 3 - Test the Hose

Once that is completed, you will have to test the hose for leaks. Take a bowl of soapy water, and push the hose through it in segments. At each point, squeeze the hose so that air is forced along with it, and then check for signs of bubbles forming on the hose. If you find any leaks, then you can fix this using tape, or by using hot glue to form a seal. This will only create a temporary fix for the hose, which is probably worn out along its full length ready to wear through creating more leaks. So it may be best to choose to replace the hose with a new one.

Step 4 - Finish

Before you finish the project you will have to replace the drain hose on the drain. You may need your friend to help you hold the hose over the washers and the drain hole while you screw it in from below. Once this has been done, you can add the hose to the washing machine, turn on the power and water, and check that the hose is no longer leaking.