How to Repair a Leaky Metal Roof How to Repair a Leaky Metal Roof

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Safety gloves
Tin snips
Soldering iron

A metal patio roof can be the perfect way to complete your patio. You can sit outside and hear the romantic sound of the rain hitting the metal. However, it’s not so good when the metal patio roof leaks. Fixing it isn’t a huge job. You will, though, need to know how to solder, which is an easy job, and be comfortable working up a ladder.

Step 1 - Preparation

Start by cleaning the area of the metal patio roof around the leak. Use a cleaner on the metal to begin. Once that’s try, use a wire brush on the area to take out any debris and fully clean the metal.

Step 2 - Patch

To make the patch, cut a piece of thin metal (be sure to use the same metal as the roof) that’s 2 inches larger in all directions that the hole in the metal patio roof. Cut across the corners as if mitering them. Always wear gloves and safety glasses when working with metal. Take the pliers and fold over ½ inch of metal on each edge of the patch. Use sandpaper on the bottom of the parts you’ve just fold over, working until they shine.

Step 3 - Applying the Patch

To apply the patch you need to put solder both on the metal patio roof and on the part of the patch you’ve just sanded, keeping the solder on the outer edge. Lay patch over the hole so the solder areas meet. Use a brick to hold the patch down. Use the appropriate solder for the type of roof–for a steel roof it will be noncorrosive resin solder, for instance.

Heat the soldering iron and hold it to the edge of the patch. This will allow the solder to melt and hold the patch to the metal patio roof. Go right around the patch making sure there are no gaps. With an aluminum roof you’ll need to glue down a fibreglass patch as aluminum can’t be soldered.

Step 4 - Completion

Now cut two more metal patches, both the same size and both a little larger than the patch you’ve just applied. You’ll be covering the soldered patch you’ve just put on the metal patio roof. Mark the area, using one of the new patches as a guide, and put roofing cement in the area.

Put the patch down over the soldered patch. Hold in place with a bricks until the cement has set. It’s important that the patch is down firmly on the metal patio roof on all sides so water can’t leak through to the first patch you applied. To complete the job, put roofing cement over the patch you’ve just glued down and set the remaining patch on top of it, holding it down firmly with bricks until the cement has dried. This will give you a fully secure patch over the leak.

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