How to Repair a Loose Rocking Chair Arm

A rocking chair.
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-40
What You'll Need
Sander or sandpaper
Wood glue
Wood clamps

Rocking chairs are a warm and comforting addition to every home, but sometimes you may find that a rocking chair arm can become loose. This may not even be due to damage, but can be simply caused by age. In order to fix the loose arm, you will have to remove it from the chair itself. This will require a hammer and a sander.

Fixing Your Rocking Chair Arm

You will first need to remove the rocking chair arm from the rest of the chair. Do this by wrapping a hammer inside a cloth and tapping at the arm. The aim should be to force the side of the arm upward so that it disconnects from the dowel holding it to the leg.

Once your arm is free of the rest of the chair, take a sander or some sandpaper and remove any varnish around the dowelling, which connects the arm to the rocking legs. Remove any old glue from the arm and then apply a wood glue such as epoxy to the joins. Your arm should be fixed to both the front and back of the rocking leg, and both joints need to be glued firmly. Add wood clamps to keep it all in place, and leave it to dry. When the glue is solid, replace the arm back on the chair and refinish.