How to Repair a Loose Shower Head Arm

installing a new shower head arm in a high-end shower.
What You'll Need
Adjustable Pliers
Crescent Wrench
Teflon Tape
New shower head arm
New shower head

The pipe the extends from the wall in the shower and holds the shower head is called the shower head arm. Sometimes this can become lose or worn and can leak. Replacing a shower head arm is a relatively easy plumbing repair that most homeowners can complete with little trouble.

Step 1 – Remove the Shower Head

To remove the old shower head arm, you’ll need to first remove the shower head. Sometimes you can remove it with just your hands, but if it's in tight, you'll need some tools. Use the adjustable pliers to firmly grip the shower head arm. Then, using the crescent wrench, turn the nut for the shower head counterclockwise to loosen and remove it.

Step 2 - Remove the Shower Head Arm

Once you’ve removed the shower head, you can then remove the arm from the wall. Use the pliers to turn the arm counterclockwise. If you’re having trouble with stubborn threads, pour a little vinegar over the joint. The vinegar will dissolve any mineral deposits that cause the threads to stick.

Step 3 – Install the New Shower Arm

To complete the installation, start by re-attaching the shower head arm to the wall. To ensure a water-tight seal, wrap the threads with Teflon tape. Screw the arm back into the wall with the pliers. Don't over tighten. Then, hold the arm in place with the adjustable pliers while you fasten the shower head to the arm. Again, it’s a good idea to wrap the threads of the arm with Teflon tape. Now is a good time to install a new shower head if you like.