How to Repair a Metal Roof Cap

What You'll Need
New metal roof cap
Self sealing screws
Caulk/caulking gun
Foam insulation
Extension ladder
Roof ladder

One of the maintenance projects that might come up while you own a home is to make repairs to the metal roof cap that protects the roof ridge line from water damage. This roof cap is placed on the top of the roof not only to give the home a finished look, but as a means of protecting the sheathing, trusses, rafters, and walls from snow, rain, and ice. When there is damage to the metal roof cap, it must be repaired as quickly as possible. Here are some steps to take to make the repair easily.

Step 1 - Set Roof Ladder in Position

Once you have determined that there is a problem with your metal roof cap you will need to get on the roof to take measurements and find out exactly what needs to be repaired. Once the extension ladder has been set up, lift the roof ladder up to the roof. Set it on the roof so you have a stable area to work from. Check over the roof cap to see what needs to be repaired. If you can simply place caulking over a crack in the cap, then do so with a good amount of caulking. However, many times a section of metal roof cap will need to be replaced. 

Step 2 - Remove Metal Roof Cap

After you have the new replacement roof cap you can then remove the damaged one from the roof. Set the roof ladder up like you did before. Use the drill to remove the screws holding the metal roof cap in place. Lift up the old foam insulation on both sides of the ridge line. 

Step 3 - Install Foam Insulation

When placing the roof cap onto a metal roof there is a strip of foam insulation that is used. Peel off the paper backing of the insulation strip and lay it along the line where the edge of the cap would be. The foam will conform to the ridges of the each metal piece. 

Step 4 - Install New Roof Cap

Depending on where the replacement piece is going, set the new roof cap in place. If it is in the middle of the roof, you will need to slide the edge under the end of the previous metal roof cap. If it is the first cap on the edge, you will need to make sure that it overhangs the roof by 3 inches. 

Step 5 - Secure Roof Cap

The metal roof cap is secured with self sealing screws. Do not reuse any of the old screws as the rubber sealer will already be conformed to the previous roof cap. Drill the screw into the cap 2 inches from the ridge line. Repeat this every 10 inches until you get to the end. 

Step 6 - Seal Edge with Caulking

To finish off the repair of the metal roof cap, place a small bead of caulking along the edge of the piece. This is not a large bead and should be smoothed out for a seamless transition to the next piece.