How to Repair a Motorized Awning

An awning.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 200-220
What You'll Need
New motor
Lubricating oil
Awning patch
Socket set

A motorized awning is a great addition to any outdoor living space. With the motorized awning you will be able to easily lower or retract the awning as you need it. When the motorized awning is not working correctly it can cause frustration to set in. Instead of having to live with a motorized awning that does not work, you can easily make the repairs needed yourself. Fixing the awning may not be as difficult as you think. Here are some steps to take to find the problem and then fix the motorized awning.

Step 1 - Locate Problem with Motorized Awning

There are several problems that can cause the awning not to work correctly. Take some time inspecting the awning for any signs of warping, weather damage, rusting, tearing in the awning fabric itself, or the motor overheating and working too hard. Check the power connections to see if there is a short in the wiring, or the cord is not plugged in.

Step 2 - Lubricate the Tracks

One way to repair a motorized awning is to simply lubricate the working parts with some machine oil. Rub down the rails, pulley, rollers, and retracting arm to make sure they are not sticking due to friction, rust, or dirt.

Step 3 - Fix Warped Rails

Another common problem, which is caused by either poor installation, or high winds, is a warping of the rails that the awning moves on. Check to see if the top of the awning is loose at all. This can cause the rails to warp slightly. Tighten the bolts holding the awning to the home to see if it straightens out. If not, look for the part that is damaged and carefully tap it back to a straight position.

Step 4 - Replace Motor

If you have had your motorized awning for several years you may need to replace the motor. There are times when the bearing can wear out, the shaft can warp, or the motor simply quit. If this is the case, unplug the motor from the electrical source. Unbolt the chain from the drive shaft of the awning motor. Loosen the bolts holding it in place and lift it out of the housing. Install a new motor and tighten the bolts. Connect the chain for the awning and plug into the electrical supply.

Step 5 - Repair Fabric

There are other problems that are not a part of the mechanics of the motorized awning. However, they are just as frustrating. If you notice that there is a section of the awning that is ripped you will need to repair it with a patch that can be purchased through the manufacturer or the local home center.

Scrub the surface where the rip is located. Cut the patch to fit the seam area where the tear is and secure it to the fabric with the vinyl glue. Make sure to do both sides of the fabric and keep the awning dry while the glue is drying. It dries very quickly, but you should allow at least 24 hours before the awning gets wet or it is retracted.